Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring! (More ceramics)

I need to remember updating on here once in a while - even more than usual as I've been kept busy with the patron blog.

I made some more ceramics as a test firing and picked out most of the pastels for a picture - reminds me of spring.

I got some new clay - hence the 'test' firing. My old clay had gotten pretty stiff (have had it for probably more than half a year) and so I decided to buy a new pack as I'm too lazy to spend THAT much time reviving and kneading it... Problem is, that the store I used to get it from went bankrupt last year and I couldn't find any other danish sellers offering that particular brand/type of clay *sigh*
So I got a new one - recommended to me by a lady at a different shop after I explained what I was going to use it for, the firing temperature I usually use etc.. Good news is; it is SO much better to work with! - SO much easier to make handles and mold things without small pieces drying out in a matter of seconds AND I can even use it with my silicone molds to be able to make a larger variety of pieces (the rectangular dishes, squared plates, heart shaped plates, pie dish and ramekins were some I originally made from polymer clay and I then made molds from them).
The problem (which may not even turn out to be a problem) is that I'm scared the glaze will crackle. I had that happen to a lot of pieces after a few days/weeks with the old clay, although I didn't have any problems since I changed to a different clear glaze and switched to a higher firing temperature.. Yet I'm still worried that something similar will happen to these, so I'll be keeping an eye on them before making more and before using these for anything.
I'm thinking that 1-2 months should be an okay time frame to judge? - you see, the next fair is in the last weekend of April (I think), and I would love to bring ceramics to sell. If there are any experienced ceramists out there, I'd much appreciate a second opinion as to whether or not I need to wait longer than that before selling any of the pieces made from this new brand of clay.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Patreon (pre)launched!

Figured I should make a post on here as well :) Everything is still new, so it's going to take me a few days to figure everything out. But I pre-launched my new patreon page.
I am going to make a video for Sunday on my YT, just with a bit more information - though it's basically all explained in my previous blog post on here as well ^^

I just wanted to make a small 'pre'-launch so that anyone who chooses to pledge before the 21st of Feb (Sunday) will be entered in the raffle and have a chance to win these 3 miniature ceramics made by me :)

I'm obviously not expecting a lot of response right away, but for anyone who does choose to support, I just wanna say that it means a lot! thank you

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Long time no see - I still need to improve when it comes to updating, but oh well.

I wanted to talk about something I've been considering for a long time; Patreon. There are multiple reasons as to why I've not yet made a Patreon account - one of which is; I don't like asking people for money. But let me try my best to explain what all this is about.

I make youtube videos full time (and sell my miniatures on the side). I spend most of my time in my craft room, working on miniatures and/or videos - It can take a long time to record and edit a video for even the smallest project. I'm happy to do it, creating these miniatures is also my hobby, but it can be tough.
Another thing is the materials and tools I use.. again, it is also my hobby - but far most of the videos I make are requests, some projects require large amounts of different materials, other projects require other and more expensive materials eg. the character dolls; to make these I have to get specific fabric and sometimes special hair just to be able to create a certain character, or let's say the recent repaint I did - I can't get a doll like that to repaint for 5 or even 10$.
Another issue I have which is completely unrelated to what I've mentioned above is the fact that I get daily requests from people asking for spanish, french, korean (or other languages) subtitles. I would love to be able to slowly start adding subtitles to some of my videos, but I can't afford spending money on that.

I am not making this post to complain, not at all - I love what I'm doing. I love getting up every single day and making videos for you guys. I'm only saying that it takes time and money to create these videos.

I've had people commenting before, asking why I don't make a Patreon, and I'm currently considering it more than ever.

Goals; On Patreon you're meant to set goals. Goals that will show people what you'll be doing with the money that you receive. Some of the goals I have on my list would be subtitles, maybe better equiptment and a chance to ease the cost of materials - obviously, as this is my full time job, some of the money will also help pay my bills.

Rewards; I'm not able to offer much when it comes to the rewards, and if I am going to make a patreon I will only have a couple, low-value pledges (1-5$). But what I can offer would be more details on each project when it's uploaded, aka exact measurements (via my patreon feed, available for those who pledge) and a monthly chance to win one of my miniatures or some materials/tools that I personally like (could be a couple of brushes one month, a set of pastels the next etc). Furthermore, if the total amount I receive at some point will allow it, I would like to have a larger giveaway (maybe once a year, or maybe even every time I hit a youtube milestone such as 600.000 subscribers) which also will be available to those who pledge.

Nothing on my youtube is going to change - you'll be able to continue watching the videos as always - but if you want to help support me as an artist and support my videos (plus, taking part in what's mentioned above), I will greatly appreciate it.

This is not yet certain - but I am considering it :)